Don Don, a review by D. Hansford

“I was recommended to read this book by a friend and I can honestly say I couldn’t put it down. It’s a wonderful story with two wonderful characters. It really gave me food for thought as I certainly related to the New York Don. It’s very visual and I really felt like I was there in both New York and Thailand!!! The only other book that has had that kind of effect on me was The Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe which I read when I was around 10 years old. I’m looking forward to reading Nick Taussig’s next book whatever that may be.” D. Hansford

Don Don, a review by Wallada Barnes

Don Don is a perfect entertaining book for me, spirituality and fiction. The book makes sense in many ways: the characters, Buddhism, Thai lives etc. Nick is very clever in the way he put things together. It could be a serious book: about life and death, and believers. But I have found myself laughing, and with tears in my eyes. The most important thing for me is it says something good about Thailand, and how we should see life. No doubt about this because I am Thai – a Buddhist myself.” Wallada Barnes

Don Don, a review by :D

“Just finished Don Don… finished it in less than 8 hours… very interesting and enlightening… still thinking of the characters.. the author has used a very explicit language that I find honest and interesting. I also really liked the plethora of spiritual information contained in the book. The whole concept of soul merging with the universe which I had read about several times before – I could follow it better only after reading this book. I loved the non-deceptive tone of the author… it is a spiritual book with a difference. It takes reality into consideration and does not just rant on about spiritual stuff which none usually understands in other books. I especially liked the end quote by Andrew Harvey… it was very beautiful and put a poignant end to the story. Looking forward to Love and Mayhem now… This was my first book by Nick Taussig… best wishes to the author… also must add the book was unputdownable!!” 😀

Don Don, a review by Poornima Sasidharan

“Borrowed your book Don Don from the library yesterday…started reading it some ten minutes back…had to find you out fast and tell you that I had never read a book as sharp as this.. felt like “straight from the heart-straight into the book-straight into the heart”…had never been this glad about a book…made me feel real happy for the first time in my life that I love reading books…” Poornima Sasidharan

Gorilla Guerrilla, a review by M. Hewitt

“I read, and liked, Nick Taussig’s first novel, Love and Mayhem, but somehow missed Don Don, so I’m glad I came across his third book, Gorilla Guerilla, a book I really enjoyed from cover to cover.
Told from the twin perspectives of a 12 year old African boy mercenary (Kibwe) and a 12 year old silverback gorilla (Zuberi), Gorilla Guerilla is a fascinating and captivating insight into two opposing, yet so similar, lifestyles within an (unnamed) African country.
Both characters provide an innocent, yet philosophical view of their situations and surroundings as they face hazards that raise questions about our own human desires of power and struggle and how these affect our environment and other creatures that co-inhabit our world. Yet somehow the book manages to keep these weighty issues fairly light, and although brushes on very dark elements and probing questions of humanity, it has an air of optimism, an air of hope.
Gorilla Guerilla is the sort of book that should be required reading for all twelve year olds and above, whether from the UK or Africa, or indeed anywhere else in the world. Right, I’m now off to find Don Don.” M. Hewitt

Gorilla Guerrilla, a review by N. Phillips

“I thoroughly enjoyed this beautifully written novel. Based on the true story of a child soldier, Kibwe, Taussig powerfully sets the nightmare brutality of civil war against the lush, calm, jungle setting of the silverback’s domain – just as the story of Kibwe and Zuberi is both brutal and beautiful.
Taussig’s description of Kibwe’s journey is a stronger, more poignant account of how a young child can be affected by civil war than any piece of journalism I have read. Fast paced and compelling to the end.” N. Phillips

Gorilla Guerrilla, a review by Nicholas J. Green

“In this book Nick Taussig evidences his intelligence, humility and humanity by juxtaposing the lives of two higher primates – one of which writes books. The author also thus renders the barriers we erect between our species and others to protect our sense of uniqueness otiose – or at least calls them (quite rightly) into question. Good research lends insight and texture. Avoidance of grandiose prose renders the text unpretentious and distinctly moorish! Perhaps the world would do well to read and ponder? Congratulations, Nick.” Nicholas J. Green

Gorilla Guerrilla, a review by E. Panizzo

“One of the best books I have ever read and Nick Taussig’s best novel so far. Like the ‘brown brown’ forced upon the African child soldiers the story takes you on a savage trip, smashing you in the face with its emotional power and honesty. Never before have I been transported into a world so different from my own, either as the child soldier Kibwe or the silverback gorilla Zuberi. We can learn about our own humanity from both of them.” E. Panizzo