Love and Mayhem – Reviews

“An absolutely stunning debut novel. It is for the lovelorn, and for those in love. It is just very well-written.”
Paul Blezard, Between the Lines, Oneword


“A twisted tale of love set in a darker side of London … it has sly plot twists and persuasive [characters] … and whispers of promising novels – or movies – to come.”
Daneet Steffens, Time Out


“As visceral a tale of love, sex and human emotion as you are ever likely to read … the book is both dangerous and heart-stopping. Powerful, modern and moving, Love and Mayhem is as much a work of art as it is a work of literature.”
The Magazine


“The novel is so full of insight and genuine innovation in form and content. I think it captures brilliantly all the nuances of passion, and the way that passion can sweep away the more rational side of us. Very sobering and moving.”
Alain de Botton, author of Status Anxiety and The Consolations of Philosophy


“The writing is swift and clean, the novel a solid and emotionally mature piece.”
Ashley Stokes, The Guardian and Times Literary Supplement critic


“Bold and yet subtle on the same page, a useful balancing act, delivered with panache and sincerity.”
Book Mark


“The writing is tight … painting London in a menacing half-light [and] Taussig’s assertion that this was inspired by his own experiences adds a further edge to proceedings.”
Kingsley Marshall, Notion


“An absorbing plot and pliable language makes this novel exceptional.”


“One of the best books of 2005, a book full of emotions and paradoxes which will excite the reader.”
European Radio


“This is a consistently well-written piece with an intensity which suits the mood of the narrative perfectly. An excellent debut, Taussig’s second novel is due out next year, and I for one can’t wait to read it.”
Elena Botterill, Nottingham Evening Post


“His rapid, urgent style and descriptive powers keep the reader in play, [and] the excellent sense of place deriving from the London background is a real strength, and there is conviction too, in the reasons for the final outcome.”
Margaret Laird, Society Today


“Sexy, edgy, maybe a bit mad, certainly disturbing, darkish but thought-provoking.”


“A tragic love story first and foremost, Love and Mayhem also explores homelessness and addiction, the person behind the huddled form.”
Carrie Briffett, Big Issue


“An interesting and thought-provoking debut novel … Taussig gives some humanity to characters of the street and leaves us questioning society as a whole. And that is something of note.”
Mike Henning, This is…


“Nick Taussig’s debut shows a rare insight into a breathless relationship and the perilous path it can take.”
Hayley Whitlock, The Book Place


“A compelling read … a darkly powerful story of love and its ability to destroy.”
James Cocks, Vstudent


“A fantastic book.”
Mitch Cullin, author of Tideland and A Slight Trick of the Mind


“A blunt, stark story of love, sex and obsession.”
Weed World

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